Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour

Race Information  and  Schedule of Events

Be sure to take advantage of all the events leading up to the BMT during the Sun Valley Nordic Festival

Friday, February 5, 2016

Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour Expo and Bib Pick-up

  • Friday Feb 5 - 10:00 am till 8:00 pm
  • BMT Headquarters: Giacobbi Square, Ketchum
  • Race packet and bag / souvenirs / sponsor booths
  • See Registration Page for more details
Race Course Inspection
  • Boulder Mountain Tour Course descends the beautiful Harriman Trail from Galena Lodge to the SNRA Headquarters
  • No Trail Fee required on Friday, Feb 5 
  • Course closed for race grooming 4:00 pm


Saturday, February 6, 2016 

Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour

  • 34 kilometer event starts in Senate Meadows / Galena Lodge at 10:00 am. No private vehicle parking at Galena. Bus shuttles run from Hemingway School in Ketchum
  • 15 kilometer Half-Boulder starts at Baker Creek at approximately 11:30 am. Limited private vehicle parking at Baker Creek. Bus shuttles run from Hemingway School.

Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour Awards Ceremony 
Limelight Room in the Sun Valley Inn, 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Age class, Wave winners, Boulder Cup presentation, Special Awards and Raffle. 



Sunday February 7, 2016

Sun Valley Nordic Center Demo Day

Try the latest ski equipment from BMT sponsors and enjoy the trails at the Sun Valley Nordic Center in Sun Valley.



Distance and Course Information

The 34 kilometer course starts in Senate Meadows and soon crosses Hwy 75 just below Galena Lodge to merge on to the beautiful Harriman Trail.  For the most part, the course is gently rolling and has an overall elevation drop of 1100 feet all the way to the finsih line at the Sawtooth National Recreation Headquarters north of Ketchum, Idaho .  The race is designated as an open skate race however there is a single track at the side of the course for those who prefer to use classic technique. 

The 15 kilometer Half-Boulder will begin at Baker Creek. After a very short start area heading north, the race will turn south and merge with the BMT course finishing at the SNRA Headquarters. 

Friday Course Inspection  The course will be open for inspection on Friday, February 5 until 4:00 pm;  North Valley Trail Fee is not required.  A trail fee will be required to ski after the race or on Sunday, February 7.  See the course map for more information.


Race Time and Place

The Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour will begin with a wave start at 10:00 a.m. Saturday, February 6, 2016 in Senate Meadows, just east of Galena Lodge, 25 miles north of Ketchum.  The start area has tracks set for the first 100 meters (no skating in the tracked area). 

Buses will transport skiers and spectators from the Hemingway School, located on 8th St W, in Ketchum beginning at 7:00am to the start and back again from the finish at the SNRA Headquarters to the School. Please see Bus Schedule below. 


Wave Start Times 

Wave # 1     Elite Men          RED          10:00 am

Wave # 2     Elite Women     RED          10:02 am

Wave # 3                              YELLOW   10:10 am

Wave # 4                              BLACK      10:12 am

Wave # 5                              BLUE         10:14 am             

Wave # 6                              GREEN     10:16 am

Wave # 7                              PURPLE    10:18 am

Half Boulder                         LIME          11:30 am  (approximately)

You must start in your assigned wave.  Your race bib has a colored bar on the shoulder which indicates your wave number.  Your start time will be pre-entered into the computer therefore if you start in the wrong wave you will be disqualified.


Bus Transportation

The Zions Bank Boulder Mountain Tour operates on the North Valley Trail System / Sawtooth National Recreation Area and crosses State Highway 75. The permits that allow the race to take place are issued with the understanding that the BMT take all necessary steps to minimize impact on the state highway and create, as much as possible, a safe environment for the racers, spectators and general public. As a result, the race organization supplies shuttle buses for all racers and interested spectators to be transported from downtown Ketchum to the race start and back to Ketchum from the finish. Private vehicles are actively discouraged from transporting racers to the start. There is NO PUBLIC PARKING at Galena.  Drop-offs are allowed ¼ mile south of the lodge, however drivers must stay in the vehicle and will not be allowed to park or linger.  This rule will be strictly enforced to guarantee the continued issuance of the required permits. There will be permit only parking at the last aid station (frost-bite flats) to avoid dangerous congestion on the road way.  Blaine County Sheriff Deputies and Idaho State Police will be on the road to enforce all traffic regulations and to help keep the event as safe as possible.      In addition, there is NO PUBLIC PARKING at the finish area.  Violators will be towed at their own expense.  IMPORTANT -The policy of the BMT is that you may choose to take the bus up to watch the start or you may choose to watch the finish but you cannot do both. Parking on the highway at the finish area is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN / VERBOTEN AND AN UNFORGIVABLE NO-NO all violators with be ticketed and towed by law enforcement. There is parking at Barlow Road 1/4 mile south of the finish with shuttle buses running to the finish. Leave time to make this transition if your plan is to see the first finishers.  The race organization makes a huge effort to supply transportation for the racers. Please do your part and use the bus transportation.  

Hemingway school is located at 8th St W in Ketchum.


Bus Schedule

Hemingway School  to Galena Lodge – 7:00am-9:00am

For Racers and Spectators.
Elite Waves 1 & 2 should catch the first buses.  Buses will depart as they fill.

Hemingway School to Half Boulder Start at Baker Creek – 10:20am-11:00am

For Racers and Spectators.
Buses departing for Galena between 7:00 and 9:00am will not stop at Baker Creek for the Half BMT Start.

Galena Lodge to Finish at SNRA

1st bus will leave around 10:15, depending on how many people are on board. There will be 2 other buses, leaving every 30 minutes; last bus from Galena will be 11:15. 

Barlow Road shuttles running continuously from 9:00 - 2:30. 

There is no parking on the highway at the Finish.  If you try, your vehicle will be ticketed and/or towed.  


Timing Chips

Every racer will receive an electronic Timing Chip.  These chips are non-transferable.  Be careful not to mistakenly switch with a friend or family member.  Wrap the ankle bracelet around your left ankle before the start of the race and continue to wear it until you reach the collection point after crossing the finish line.  Volunteers will remove your chip for you, please thank them!  There is a $100 replacement fee for not returning the chip at the end of the race.  IF YOU DROP OUT OF THE RACE, PLEASE RETURN YOUR CHIP TO THE FINISH LINE.  If you're unable to return it to the finish, please call 208 720-4504 to make other arrangements, or put it in a padded envelope and mail it to:  Boulder Mountain Tour Ltd., P.O. Box 5868, Ketchum, ID  83340.

Extra Clothing and Race bags

The bag deposit area is located in the area adjacent to the start to lessen the distance to the start and improve communication. Your official race bag is to be used for your extra clothing (warm clothing for before and after the race) and will be transported from the start to the finish by the race organization.  Please be sure it is clearly marked with your name and bib number and that everything is in your bag before you start the race, as loose items may become lost.  We strongly discourage you from leaving cell phones, wallets or valuables in your race bags.  Any additional items, such as ski bags, must be clearly marked with your name and bib number as well.  

Place your bag in the area assigned for your wave at the start area.  You will find similar signage areas at the finish and will easily be able to locate your gear. 


Lane Assignments

Start lanes will be assigned for the elite waves only. There are no lane assignments for waves 3 through 7. In an effort to eliminate the need for skiers to stand in the start area for a lengthy time to “save” a lane, the access to the start area for waves 3 through 7 will be restricted till 5 minutes before the start of the elite men’s wave. All waves will start exactly on time; you must be ready when the horn sounds.  The Start Area is set with tracks.  All skiers must start in a track and stay in it until it expires and skating is permitted.  

For Elite wave racers, There will be an Elite check-in at the start with lane assignments matching your bib number.  Please allow enough time to check in before your start.


Age Classifications 

All finishes will be electronically timed and recorded until 2 p.m., all remaining finishes will be manually timed and recorded. There will be awards in all age classes for individual men and women in the 34k race as well as the 15k Half Boulder. The skier’s age class will be determined by his or her age on Jan. 1, 2016. 

Class 1 13 and under
Class 2 14 – 17
Class 3 18 – 24
Class 4 25 – 29
Class 5 30 – 34
Class 6 35 – 39
Class 7 40 - 44
Class 8 45 – 49
Class 9 50 – 54
Class 10 55 – 59
Class 11 60 – 64
Class 12 65 – 69
Class 13 70 – 74
Class 14 75 – 79
Class 15 80 – 84
Class 16 85 and over


Aid Station Locations and Cut Off Times

1st  Aid Station (Prairie Creek) 12km,  12:00 noon.  Sponsored by Community School.

2nd  Aid Station (Cathedral Pines)  22km,   2:00 pm.  Sponsored by Suns Hockey.

3rd  Aid Station  (Frostbite Flats)  27km,   3:00 pm.  Sponsored by Sawtooth Club.

The last bus to Ketchum from the Finish leaves at 4:00 pm.  You may stay on the course beyond these times at your own risk.  Galena Backcountry Ski Patrol can and may ask for your bib after the Aid Station cut off times.  Should you not reach an aid station by cut off time, transportation to the Finish area will be provided for you.  The Finish Area will be taken down and support crew will be off duty at 4:00 pm.



Milliseconds Sports Timing will electronically record results until 2:00pm.  Finishers after this time will be recorded by hand timing.  An unofficial Awards Ceremony willl take place for the top three men and women at approximately 11:45 am.  Unofficial times will be posted at the fiinish area as soon as they are processed.  If there is a protest it must be presented to the race jury at the finish line before you leave the finish area.  Times are recorded in hours, minutes, and seconds.  

NEW this year, all Half-Boulder participants will be timed!  Unofficial times will be posted at the finish area as soon as they are processed.

All results will also be available at the Awards Ceremony or at www.bouldermountaintour.com as soon as possible following the race.  


Finish Area 

You will find soup, bread, hot drinks and cookies, provided by Galena Lodge and Bigwood Bread and staffed by Girls on the Run volunteers, for all racers at the Finish area.   A warming tent will be available should the weather be unfavorable. 

Awards Ceremony 

The Boulder Mountain Tour Awards Ceremony will be held Saturday February 6, at 5:30 PM in the Limelight Room of the Sun Valley Inn.  Awards will include Cash prizes for the top 3 male and female BMT finishers and medals and prize table awards for Age class winners.  Other Cash Awards include the male and female Preem winners as well as the Zenergy Awards which are given to the top male and female skier in each wave.  

NEW this year, all Half-Boulder participants will be timed and Age class medals will be given. 

Please be sure to fill out a raffle ticket at the door and deposit it in the box as you enter the Awards Ceremony.  You must be present to win!  Raffle prizes include skis, boots, poles, clothing, bags and training aids from all the BMT sponsors and supporters.

2016 Preems:

     - Baker Creek -  $100 each to first male and female across the line.

     - Frostbite Flats  - $100 each to first male and female across the line. 

The Awards Ceremony will begin promptly at 5:30 PM and conclude by approximately 7:00 PM. There will be plenty of time for your dining pleasure after the ceremony. Please support the restaurant community and make your dinner plans early. The race organizers would like to invite you to attend the ceremony then have an enjoyable evening on the town.  Parents, the Wood River YMCA will be offering babysitting services for children, up to age 7, from 5:00 - 9:00 pm.


Lost and Found

If you lose an item on the course or at an aid station, every effort will be made to get the item to the finish.  Look for the Lost and Found sign adjacent to the timing area.  Any items not claimed will be taken to the Awards Ceremony; any items not claimed there, will be available at the Elephants Perch in Ketchum for approximately one week. The race organizers are not responsible for your equipment and you should not assume that all equipment left on the course will be collected.  Unclaimed Race bags and clothing will also be taken to the Awards Ceremony.


Phone Contact

In the event you need to contact the Race Organization, please use the email BoulderMountainTour@gmail.com.  If you have a pressing need and must phone, please leave a message at 208 720-4504 or 208 720-2641 and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Be sure to leave a return number, a good time to reach you and the reason for your inquiry. 


Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want to be a part of the BMT?  We would LOVE to have your help.  Please contact Ted Angle at tanglesun@aol.com to  find out how you can get involved.



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